7 Toronto Destinations Sure to Make you Think about Sex

buy provigil mexico The CN Tower

Is it wrong that the most iconic building in Toronto makes me horny every time I see it?

Built in 1976, the CN Tower is the third tallest tower in the world and a Canadian symbol attracting millions of international visitors to Toronto every year.

Wrong or right, it is not the history or symbolism, but the Tower’s shape that appeals to me to most.  Lean and long, the CN Tower looks to me like a penis ready to pleasure a lady in many elaborate ways.

Research is yet to confirm this but my personal belief is that people who get to look at the Tower on a regular basis, have sex more frequently than people who don’t.  Our primal instincts react to this highly erotic shape and see it as a symbol of procreation thus stimulating a sexual desire inside of us.

top article Marilyn Monroe Condo Towers in Mississauga

The world’s sexiest condo towers are located in the heart of Mississauga, Ontario.  Their one-of-a-kind ingenious design resembles the shape of a voluptuous woman.  Appropriately nicked-named after one of Hollywood’s sexiest women Marilyn Monroe, the buildings gained international attention and fame.

Yansong Ma of MAD Architects in China designed the iconic buildings which were built by Fernbrook Homes and Citizen Development Group.

Marilyn Monroe Towers make you reflect on all that’s beautiful about the female body and sometimes take your mind a step further and evoke a surprise sexual day dream while driving by.

The Cupid Boutique

It doesn’t take very much to get my erotic juices flowing sometimes.  It frequently happens on my drive home from work which takes me northbound on Highway 427 North.  With never ending construction making the rush hour traffic a slow and a miserable commuting experience.

A bit of an upside to that is the opportunity to take in all the scenery around you.  One of the interesting things to see along the highway is the Cupid Boutique located at the Airport/Dixon exit.  The Cupid Boutique is a popular sex shop and my eyes automatically fixate on its seductive signage every time I drive making me remember one and only time I visited this store to purchase a vibrator.  Some days, all that keeps me sane in the 10 kilometer per hour trip home from work, is the image of that vibrator in my nightstand drawer, ready to take mu commuter’s stress away with just a push of little white button as soon as I get home.

Metro Grocery Superstore in Oakville

The Metro Superstore on Upper Middle Road in Oakville, Ontario is the sexiest grocery store around.

The unique ambiance of the store makes all the fruit and vegetables look luscious and sexy like no other grocery store I have ever been to.  The cucumbers and bananas looks like erect penises.  Melons resemble perky, large breasts, and kiwis, fuzzy and shaped like little ovals, make you think of male testicles.  And to fuel all the erotic sentiment even more, while browsing Metro’s produce section, you can’t help but notice good looking, well dressed people sensually touch, squeeze, and smell all the sexy fruit and vegetable they are about to place in their shopping carts.

Having just inspected my fridge, I conclude that its empty shelves and crispers require an urgent shopping trip to Oakville.

Her’s Fine Lingerie

There is a tiny lingerie store in Bloor Village across the street from the Runnymede Subway Station with just the most attractive storefront.  The window front displays the sexiest lingerie imaginable that instantly puts in in the mood for naughty love.  Walking inside the store and looking at more of its seductive merchandise only amplifies that feeling.  You are surrounded by lace, satin, and leather in steamy hot colors.  Anything in red, black, or pink will do it for me.

Few minutes inside the store is all that it takes.  Before you know it you’re out of there, small purchase under your arm, on the way home in a rush to see your partner.

Clinton’s Tavern

One of my co-worker highly recommends a place by the name of Clinton’s, a cozy tavern in West Bloor Village.  She praises the tavern for its one-of-a-kind atmosphere, quality entertainment, and good food.

I have never been inside the Clinton’s as of yet, but happen to frequently drive by the place.  Having been cursed (or blessed) by a dirty mind, the thought that comes to my mind every time I see the letters come together to spell the name “Clinton”, is that of President Clinton receiving oral sex from his eager Intern, Monica Lewinski.  I picture it in my head, using my dirty mind to make the mental re-enactment so hot and juicy, my panties get wet.

Junjun Hotel

Whether involved in an extramarital affair, or enjoying the occasional one-night stand, once in a while, you may require the privacy of a no-tell hotel.

Junjun Hotel (located at 374 Collage Street in Toronto) falls into that category without a question.  Just show up at their reception desk when and expect a quality, judgement-free service.  No credit cards are necessary, and no questions are asked.

Available by hourly rate, the intimate ambiance of the Junjun Hotel rooms promote sexual energy and facilitate inhibition-free sex and a good time..  Just look at the picture to the left of this text and picture yourself on that red bed.  You’re on all your fours, your pussy lips spread-out and ready for action, your hair carelessly falling down your back as you’re being taken from behind.