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Dirty Sex Confessions

My wife likes to watch me fuck other women.

online casino no deposit bonus deutsch I was poking around your website when I came across the topic of sexual fantasies under your Naughty Fantasy Store section. I particularly enjoyed the part when you discuss a sexual fantasy involving a wife/girlfriend watching her boyfriend or partner having sex with another woman. I’m writing in because my wife enjoys this type of …

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Wine and Sex

The Wine and Sex Diagram

casino slots machines We often hear that wine is a great aphrodisiac.  Unique chemical properties found in wine combine with its heavenly taste and sensual aroma to turn a sexual experience into an erotic adventure.  But we rarely hear about the specifics of it and of the wonder what type of wine best pairs with what sexual activity.  Wonder no …

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Dirty Sex Confessions

Having an affair with my boss.

soaring eagle casino slot machine list I’m having an affair with my boss. Perhaps “affair” is too strong of a word.  I think an affair implies a romantic connection of some type, which this arrangement does not involve in the least.  This one is all about sex — all about fucking quick and dirty in my boss’s office when his receptionist …

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Dirty Sex Confessions

Aunt Rosie and her countless ways to extract my cum. online casino Just had to write in to tell you how much I enjoyed The Buttery Hand Job in your Blogging Nude section.  For me your story was very special.  It brought back many memories from my youth when my mother’s best friend, Rosie, came to stay with us after my father died.  She stayed with us to watch …

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Dirty Sex Confessions

Orgasm by lollipop. The best feeling ever.

online usa casino no deposit bonus codes It was a Friday night.  I was happy and relaxed, looking forward to the weekend ahead. I was enjoying a glass of wine while watching an old classic on T.V. when my husband finally came home from his late shift at work.  I’m a huge candy lover and happened to be sucking on a cherry-flavored lollipop at …

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Sex Toys 101

What’s a Sex Toy?

free online casino games lobstermania Sex toy is an object or a device whose primary function is to improve on the sexual experience of a human being.  The five broad categories of sex toys include: vibrators, vaginal toys, penile toys, anal plugs, and nipple stimulators. The use of sex toys and the enjoyment of adult products have become very popular …

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Naugty Adult Play

Orgasm by Red Wine and Pearls

joker 3.9 online casino cheat     No question about it, wine and sex make a wonderful pair.  No other food/activity relationship makes this much sense.  Sip it slowly beforehand, and wine will fire up sexual desire inside of you.  Drink it during, and you will do naughty things to your partner and let your partner do naughty things to you.  …

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Dirty Sex Confessions

How my best friend watched me fuck my boyfriend.

online casino sky vegas My friend Kristen and I live a couple hours apart but visit each other as often as we can.  It’s just girls having fun when we get together, shopping and pedicures, nothing extraordinary.  Except maybe the one time… There was that one time she came to stay with me over a hot summer weekend when …

Wine and Sex

Wine and Sex

free casino slot games bonus no download Wine and Sex… the perfect pair? In a world madly infatuated with wine, the question of the ultimate wine pairing is posed often.  So, what pairs with wine? Food comes to mind first.  Cabernet Sauvignon with roast beef, Zinfandel with pasta Marinara, Pinot Noir with grilled fish. But wine is more than a mere complement to …