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My wife likes to watch me fuck other women.

I was poking around your website earlier today when I came across the topic of sexual fantasies under your Naughty Fantasy Store section.

I particularly enjoyed the part when you discuss a sexual fantasy involving a wife/girlfriend watching her boyfriend or partner having sex with another woman.

I’m writing in because my wife enjoys this type of fantasy and actually does more than just visualize it in her head: she makes it happen in real life.  “You lucky fucker,” all my guy friends call me.

My wife gets more of a turn on watching a sexual than actually participating in it herself.  It’s just how she is.  And more than just watching it, she likes to take on the part of a porno movie director, telling me and the other woman all the nasty things that she wants to see us do.

It’s not always easy to find someone willing to participate in our little three-some adventure, not everyone is as sexually curious as we are, but we got quite lucky when an old friend of my wife’s moved into our basement apartment after she got a job in the area.

Nice girl.  A little on the chubby side but I like the extra meat on her very much.  Did I mention her big-girl tits?  They’re enormous and I love the way they bounce when I fuck her hard.

For the most part, this friend person (her name is Kathy) is a very shy and a reserved person.  But at the same time, doesn’t have a steady boyfriend and lives in a constant state of horniness.  When her pussy gets wet and horny she comes out of her basement quarters wearing nothing but a pair of skimpy shorts and a thin little tank top.  She pours herself a glass of wine and just sits with us while we’re watching TV, hoping to get a taste of my cock when our show is over — or maybe even before that.  Doesn’t say anything, just waits for my wife to signal us into the bedroom.

Off we go up the stairs.

My wife sits in a chair beside the bed.  Kathy and I take our clothes off and lie next to each other on the bed.  We kiss a little, but, very quickly, my wife turns bossy and demanding and starts ordering us around: suck her tits, lick his balls, stick your finger inside her pussy, massage his cock!  This, actually, is a huge turn on for both, Kathy and me, and we obediently follow all of her naughty commands.

Often times, my wife wants to watch a blow job right up close.  She tells me to stand in front of her while Kathy is to get down on her hands and knees, and to start sucking on my cock.  She tells us how she wants it done every step of the way: faster, deeper, tighter.  Sometimes she wraps a strand of Kathy’s hair around her hand to push and pull on her friend’s head, in order to have a better control of the blow job in progress.

But her favorite thing is to watch us fuck.  She likes it when I take Kathy from behind and come all over her ass.  She loves to watch me ejaculate.

Many women fantasize about their husbands fucking other women but, unlike my wife, not many would actually go through with something like that for real.  In this situation, I would strongly agree with the recommendation here to live out this sexual fantasy through adult role play and naughty experimentation with a sex toy like Jesse Jane.

Having an affair with my boss.

Perhaps “affair” is too strong of a word here.  I think an affair implies a romantic connection of some type which this arrangement does not involve in the least.  This one is all about sex — all about fucking quick and dirty in my boss’ office when his receptionist is not around.  Not even a thank-you or a good-bye after.

We are both married people and committing a sinful act of adultery.  What we do is wrong so why do we do it?

Let me start with my boss — an oversexed pig of a guy who simply does not believe in monogamy.  This man has some serious sexual needs and I know for a fact that I’m not the first woman he has cheated with on his wife.  So he does it because he’s horny.

As for myself…knowing how much my boss appreciates the extra effort I put into making him happy, I just feel a little more secure about my job.  I also enjoy the sex.  Enjoy it quite a bit actually.  My boss is a good looking man and he fucks me like no one has ever fucked me before.  Hard and rough.  It’s a refreshing contrast from the blah love making I get at home which takes forever, and half the time ends up with me faking my orgasms to speed things up.

When we’re due for another of one our office quickies, I wear a short skirt and a pair of sexy high heels to work.  The women at the office give me dirty looks all day long, but all the guys just love the way I’m dressed.

Before I go into my boss’ office, I visit the ladies room.  I take off my underwear and put it in my purse.  I close his office door behind me when I get there.  He’s been waiting for it all day so he’s ready, but I like to tease.  I lift up my skirt and bend over the top of his desk, sticking my ass as far out as I can.  I open my legs just a little and let him enjoy the view of my spread out pussy from behind.

The horny pig that he is, my boss only needs a couple of minutes to get his “gun loaded”.  He shoves his big cock into my pussy and pumps into me fast and hard, his heavy balls slapping against my thighs.  Things around us shake and vibrate; papers and file folders fall off his desk to the ground.

The great thing about getting screwed this way is the amazing way I get to orgasm.  My boss’ big cock reaches my g-spot the way I’m bent over, and I cum a totally different way with him than I do at home with my husband.  My boss ejaculates all over my ass while quietly grunting under his breath.  And then we’re all done.

You probably think I’m a slut…  I guess I do deserve this title for cheating on my husband with a married man; my boss to boot.  All I got to say in my defense…just heard from corporate about a promotion prospect in my near future.  More money and a company car.  Got nothing else to add.



WHITE Chardonnay Relaxes mind and body SLOW AND EASY Flirting
Riesling Aids in the release of sex hormones Kissing
Pinot Blanc Makes sex organs warm and tingly Best paired sexual position: Petting
Gewurztraminer Increases sensitivity to touch Missionary Erotic massage
Pinot Grigio Intensifies excitement derived from a visual stimuli Cowgirl Lace and high heels
Semillon Weakens the knees The Love Pretzel Romantic love making
Chenin Blanc Sparks a naughty conversation Sitting (the lap dance style) Mutual masturbation with eye contact
ROSE Garnacha Rose Relaxes mind and body FUN Heavy kissing
Zinfandel Rose Increases levels of sex hormones in the body A sensual strip tease
Sauvignon Rose Stimulates blood flow and awakens sex organs Best paired sexual position: Sucking your partner’s nipples
Sangiovese Rose Reduces sexual inhibitions From Behind (standing up) Hot and heavy mutual masturbation of each other’s sex organs
Merlot Rose Promotes vaginal lubrication and strengthens the erection Backward Cowgirl Sex in the public
Pinot Noir Rose Promotes physical endurance Edge of the Chair Sex in the shower
LIGHT BODIED RED Pinot Noir Relaxes the body but stirs the primal core of the brain PASSIONATE French kissing
Grenache Improves perception of your partner’s desirability A dirty lap dance
Gamay Promotes sexual curiosity Best paired sexual position: Tasting different parts of your partner’s body with your tongue
Nebbiolo Induces pleasurable swelling of the sex organs The Spooning Style Watching a porno together
Cinsault Awakens taste buds Standing Up (leg up) Oral sex
Freisa Tightens the pelvic area On the Table or Counter Sex toys
MEDIUM AND FULL BODIED RED Shiraz Releases the inner sexual animal NAUGHTY Sexual role play
Cabernet Sauvignon Sharpens the sense of taste and smell Watching your partner masturbate
Merlot Breaks down sexual inhibitions Best paired sexual position: Deep reach oral sex
Malbec Promotes sexual creativity and experimentation Doggy Style Tasting your partner’s ejaculate / vaginal juice
Mourvedre Loosens the tongue The Sixty Nine Acting out sex scenes of a porno movie as they play out on the screen
Sangiovese Intensifies the orgasm The Champagne Room Style Erotic biting and sucking of your partner’s nipples
Zinfandel/Primitivo Numbs the pain Elevated Doggy Hooker boots & a dirty lap dance
Tempranillo Makes the sex organs ache for an orgasm Sweaty Missionary (legs on shoulders) Multiple sex toys
Grenache Promotes sweating (gives the skin a healthy glow) Rough sex & dirty talk
BLUE WINE Noble Rot served in a blue wine glass Allows transformation into your alternate sexual ego THE ALTERNATE EGO Adultery
Relaxes and warms the body One night stand
Promotes promiscuity and misbehavior
Best paired sexual position: Three some / group sex
Makes the sex ache for an orgasm All and any Adult swinging
Aids in the art of seduction Acting out on a sexual fantasy
Slows down time Sex with a prostitute
Turns sexual fantasy into reality Risque adult toys & props
Fogs up the perception of the here and now Kinky sex

Aunt Rosie and her countless ways to extract my cum.

Just had to write to tell you how much I enjoyed The Buttery Hand Job in your Naughty Stories section.  For me your story was very special.  It brought back many memories from my youth when my mother’s best friend, Rosie, came to stay with us after my father died.  She stayed with us to watch me while my Mom attended college on weekends in order to get a teaching certificate.  I was almost eighteen then and called her Aunty Rosie.  Needless to say, Aunt Rosie was one hot and sexy cougar.  Today, she’d be called a MILF but in truth the only word to describe her would be MASTURBATRIX.   And boy did she take care of me that summer.

I guess you could say I was young, dumb, and full of cum and Aunty Rosie was determined to extract every last drop of it out of me.  I’m not complaining.  For, if the truth be told, I was so depressed after my Dad died that if it wasn’t for Aunty Rosie I might have killed myself.  Your story brings it all back, because the first time she jerked me off, like you, she lubed my cock with butter and even warmed her butter coated index finger up my ass to simulate my prostrate.  Just by thinking about that now, I get rock hard and I can still smell the butter.  So you see, I’m in your debt for bringing back that fantastic summer.  I could go on forever about the many ways she drew massive amounts of cum out of me, how she used ice, baby oil, even an electric toothbrush on my balls and gens.  And it all comes back to me now thanks to you.

I know today that hand jobs are not everyone’s thing but I can tell you in all honesty I loved the way she milked every drop out of me and was more than delighted to let her have her way with me.  Like your Lisa, she loved to watch me ejaculate and for that I’m more than thankful, so thanks again for your delightful Buttery Hand Job.  Just thinking about that time makes me incredibly horny and just like with Aunty Rosie, I’d love to share those times with a woman who really enjoys jacking a guy off and watching him shoot his load.

What’s a Sex Toy?

Sex toy is an object or a device whose primary function is to improve on the sexual experience of a human being.  The five broad categories of sex toys include: vibrators, vaginal toys, penile toys, anal plugs, and nipple stimulators.

The use of sex toys has become extremely popular in recent years with two significant factors mainly contributing to this phenomenon.  First, the society’s attitude towards sex has changed dramatically over the last couple of decades.  The stigma and the taboo surrounding sexual matters have gradually been lifting over the years, and most people today enjoy a healthy, shame-free outlook on sex.  Sex is perceived as just another aspect of being a human being and having a human body.  Same goes for sex toys, which are now widely accepted by society and enjoyed worldwide by adults of many different backgrounds, ages, and professions.

The other contributing factor involves the rapid advancements in the field of science and technology and application of brand new technologies into the design of adult toys.  Sex toys of today are state-of-the art mechanical devices that are innovative, exciting, and fun.  In addition, mass production capabilities of today’s manufacturers make it possible for adult toy companies to offer great selections of competitively priced products to wide masses of people.

But why look to objects to improve on our sexual experience?

The better question is — why not?  We’ve been improving on all other aspects of our lives since the beginning of time, so why not improve on the way we have sex?

True, we don’t really need sex toys — we can continue making love the old fashion way and never as much as set foot inside an adult toy store.  But we all know how that plays out in more cases than not.  No matter how great at the beginning of a relationship, sex has the tendency to get predictable and boring as time goes on.

Sex is one of the most important factors of a happy relationship, so when partners become sexually frustrated with each other, tension that develops between them spills into other areas of their lives.  The partners spend less time together, argue more frequently, and — eventually — lose affection for one another.  In more serious cases, one or both partners might be looking to fulfill their sexual needs outside of the relationship, or opt out of the relationship altogether.

And this is where sex toys come in and save the day.  Forget the couple‘s therapy; buy a sex toy instead!  An exciting new sex toy in your night table’s drawer will re-vitalize your sex life and re-invent your relationship.  Take my word for it, many relationship problems could be solved by nothing more elaborate than a quick visit to your local adult store.

That’s where my own marriage was saved.  One day — after another one in a series of silly arguments that were slowly ruining our marriage — my husband told me to shut up and get in the car.  I had no idea where he was taking me and was quite surprised when he pulled up in front of an adult toy store.  Of all the places in the world, I did not expect a sex store to be our destination that night.  He confessed later that an article he read in some magazine had suggested this unconventional alternative to a couple’s therapy.

I was still pretty upset about the argument and didn’t want to follow him into the store but I’m so glad I did.  As soon as we walked through the store’s door, my anger dissipated and my mood changed.  It was like crossing into a different world — a world of erotic fantasy, new sexual possibilities, countless naughty ideas…  The pornographic images, the suggestive atmosphere, the intrigue of what’s inside the pretty packages neatly arranged on the store’s shelves…and the promise of what was to happen that evening when my husband and I  got home.  It all worked like magic.

We walked around the store for a good hour.  We couldn’t believe the wide selection of products offered.  We laughed and giggled and enjoyed each other’s company for the first time in a months.  We purchased a couple of different adult products and left the store a brand new couple.  Needless to say, sex that night was amazing and our marriage was temporarily revived.

Orgasm by Red Wine and Pearls

No question about it, wine and sex make a wonderful pair.  No other food/activity relationship makes this much sense.  Sip it slowly beforehand, and wine will fire up sexual desire inside of you.  Drink it during, and you will do naughty things to your partner and let your partner do naughty things to you.  But sometimes…just sometimes…the simple sip-and-swallow of your favorite wine just doesn’t seem like enough.  Once in a while, serious wine and sex lovers want to do more with their wine than simply ingest it.  They want to smell it, taste it, soak in it…be intimate with it.

What you will need:

  • A pearl necklace (long and chunky works best)
  • A bottle of your favourite red wine
  • Red lipstick
  • Red light bulb
  • Red stockings
  • High-heeled shoes
  • A sex blanket
  • A horny partner
What you do:
Partner.  Tell your partner the two of you will be playing naughty tonight, and ask him to be patient while you prepare things in the bedroom.
Bedroom.  Atmosphere is key, so take your time creating a sensual setting for your erotic adventure.  Don’t forget the theme is red wine and pearls.  Work the colour of red wine into the ambiance of the room by using a red light bulb in your night lamp.  The soft illumination of red lightning will instantly intensify your feeling of “naughty”, and make the anticipation of your sexual adventure so much sweeter.  Lighting candles in a couple of different areas of the room and cover the bed a sex blanket.  (Purchase a soft, easy-wash blanket to be used exclusivity during sessions of messy sexual activity.)

Wine.  Pour two glasses of wine and place them near the lamp where its colours will be amplified by the light thus adding to the erotic ambiance.

You.  Once you’re satisfied with the setting and the mood of your bedroom, it will be time to prepare yourself.  To keep with the red-wine-and-pearl theme of the evening, wear nothing but bright red lipstick, sexy red stockings, and a pair of high heels.  Finish up by placing a pearl necklace around your neck.  Let the necklace freely flow down your torso and enjoy its cool sensation against your bare breasts.  Now lie on the bed and take a few minutes to yourself.  Sip on your wine and relax.  Look down at your body and enjoy the view.  Feel the sexual excitement building up inside you as you anticipate the erotic adventure to come.

The prelude.  Time to ask your partner to join you.  Tell him to lay next to you and help him as he’s removing his clothes.  No need to rush.  Hand him his glass of wine and ask him to relax.  Sip and tease — slowly drink your wine while gently rubbing your partner’s private area with your knee.  Be flirty and sexy.  Silky smoothness of your stockings will feel nice to your partner’s genitals and give him a prelude to an erection.  With your free hand, cup and squeeze his testicles, run your fingers up and down his body, or pinch his nipples.  Dunk your nipples in wine and let him lick if off with his tongue.  Get him hot.

His orgasm.  Once both of you reach the point of intense sexual excitement, it is time to proceed to the next level.  Dip your fingertips in wine and rub the red liquid all over your nipples.  Their colour will darken and they will glisten in the soft lighting of the room.  They will smell and taste delicious.  Put your glass down and bring your nipples to your partner’s mouth.  Let him lick and suck on them until all the wine is gone.  As your partner pleasures your nipples, you work on getting his penis stiffer by manually stimulating him down below.  Once nice and hard, briefly pull away from your partner and retrieve your glass of wine.  Dip your fingers in wine again.  This time smear the tasty liquid up and down your partner’s penis.  Next, ask him to stand up.  Re-shift your body and take your partner’s penis in your mouth.  The wine on your tongue will make his penis taste so good that you will want to feel it deeply inside of your mouth and pleasure it with passion.  Get right into it and continue until your partner nears the point of his orgasm.  Pull away just in time and let him ejaculate all over your breasts.  Use your hand to help.  Be sure to watch and enjoy every second of this erotic scene.  Notice how creamy ribbons of your partner’s ejaculate match your pearl necklace and complete the wine and pearl theme.  Rub his cum all over your breasts.  Take note of how red lighting in the room makes your cum-glazed breasts glisten in reddish tones that look just like your wine.

Your orgasm.  Lie down on the and spread your legs.  It’s your partner’s turn to pleasure you now.  Bring the cum-sprinkled pearl necklace in between your legs, stretch it out, and place the string right down the middle of your pussy and let your partner take charge.  Let him run the cum moistened necklace up and down your clitoris until you achieve your orgasm.

How my best friend watched me fuck my boyfriend.

A couple of months ago, my best friend Kristen came from out of town to visit with me for the weekend.

On the Saturday night of that weekend a group of us, including my boyfriend Pete, went out to a night club and had a great time drinking hard and partying wild.  Kristen and I had way too much to drink — which is what usually happens when we get together.  Pete brought us home.  After walking us upstairs he said that he suddenly felt too tired to drive home, so I told him to stay the night.  The three of us started watching TV, but Kristen bailed out on us short minutes later, saying that she was drunk and tired, and wanted to go to bed.

When she disappeared into the guest room, Pete and I started kissing and fooling around, and before long, we were so horny for each other there was no stopping us.  I pulled down his pants and knelt in front of him to give him a blow job.  I took his penis in my mouth and started sucking on it with horny pleasure, and — as I was doing that — I noticed out of the corner of my eye that the guest room door slowly came to be open just a crack.  This could only mean one thing: Kristen was watching us.  My very first reaction was to stop sucking on Pete’s cock but, drunk and horny, I quickly found myself very turned on by this whole situation.  As a result, I decided to give Kristen the peep show of her life.

I suddenly felt like a porn star in the middle of a steamy adult scene and loved it.  I was blowing Pete’s cock like I’ve never blown it before… gave his penis the deep throat treatment to the point of almost gagging on it — making sure all the while that Kristen had the best possible view of what was going on.  Acting like I didn’t know that she was watching us, of course.  Pete — who had no clue of what was going on — was quite impressed with my oral performance and soon whispered to me that he was ready to come.  But I thought that Kristen deserved a better ending to her surprise peep show than Pete’s quick release into my mouth.  I pulled away and told Pete to sit on the love seat (which happened to be facing the guest bedroom door).  I took my time seductively taking my clothes off, then straddled Pete, jabbing his penis deeply into my pussy.  Kristen had the perfect from-behind view of my pussy fucking Pete’s cock.  I was thrusting myself wildly against Pete’s body to give Kristen the dirtiest sex show of her life.  When Pete was close to ejaculating, I hopped off and went to finish him off with my hand.  I wanted for Kristen to enjoy the sight of Pete ejaculating and seeing his cum squirting all over my bare tits.

When he was done, I sat next to him on the love seat, spread my legs wide apart, and had him rub my clit till I reached my orgasm — moaning loudly like there was none there to hear me.  I could see the silhouette of Kirsten’s body in the crack of the door, open a bit wider now, and I could tell that she was masturbating.  That did it for me.  I reached my orgasm looking straight into the crack of the door.  It was so intense and so good and made so much better by the fact that I was temporarily a porn start…

When I was done, I collapsed into Pete’s chest and closed my eyes for just a couple of minutes to let my breathing get back to normal.  When I opened them, the guest room door was shut closed again — as if Kristen was never even there.

Kristen and I never talked about this incident and went about being friends as if it never happened.

Wine and Sex

Wine and Sex… the perfect pair? In a world madly infatuated with wine, the question of the ultimate wine pairing is posed often.  So, what pairs with wine? Food comes to mind first.  Cabernet Sauvignon with roast beef, Zinfandel with pasta Marinara, Pinot Noir with grilled fish. But wine is more than a mere complement to our favorite meal.  Because of its complex textures, unique aromas and its mysterious influence on the human brain, wine has seeped deep into the areas of our lives far removed from any gastronomic connections.

For example, there is wine and ambiance.  Dimmed lighting, soft music, a fireplace perhaps…whatever your version of the perfect moment, a glass of your favorite wine will only enhance its charm. There is also the mystical relationship between wine and bubble bath. Wine and bubbles — the perfect way to de-stress, lift up spirits, and stimulate a sleepy libido.  The warmth of the bubbly water reaching deeply into each and every nook of your body, will quickly rise its core temperature and make your mind fuzzy numb.  So warm you are nearing the threshold of uncomfortable…you take a sip of wine and swallow it slowly.  The taste is intense and your body absorbs the sweet nectar like a sponge.  The wine goes straight to you head and makes all your problems disappear in an instant. Wine and conversation?  Yes again.  Nothing else adds more flare to your story than a glass of red. What else marries well with wine?  There is wine and a foreign movie, wine and a romance novel, wine and a high school memory.  And then… Then there is wine and sex.

Breaking down sexual inhibitions

Mother Nature equipped us with bodies capable of a wonderful physical sensation — the orgasm.

An orgasm is a release of pent up sexual energy at the height of a love making session which can cause your muscles to twitch, your mouth to scream, and your toes to curl…  Orgasm is one of the most natural and one of the most pleasurable sensations a human being can experience.

Most people don’t think twice about it and enjoy sex the way Mother Nature intended.  And no question about it — there is a lot to enjoy indeed.  Sex is a time to explore countless sexual positions, find new erogenous zones, experiment with adult toys, have fun with hand cuffs, wear sexy lingerie, achieve multiple orgasms, try new massage oils and more…  Sex is your adult time to play.

But some people can be extremely uptight about sex and feel intimidated or even embarrassed by it.  They ask:  Do I deserve sexual pleasure?  Do I need it?  Should I be ashamed because I desire it?  Questions and feelings of this and similar nature can make a person behave in a restrained manner during sex, or to avoid sexual activity altogether.  This is called a sexual inhibition.

The root cause of one’s sexual inhibition can be hard to pin point.  It can stem from a religious or a moral conviction, a cultural taboo, history of sexual abuse in one’s past, or self-esteem issues.  It could also be the result of an early influence by an uptight parent.  The reason could also be much less complicated than that — a person exhibiting sings of a sexual inhibition could simply be timid or shy.

Sexual inhibition is experienced differently by different individuals and there are varying degrees as to how much sexual behavior is repressed.  Women are more likely than men to suffer from this condition and the focus here will be the female experience relating to this issue.
Below are examples of inner thoughts and beliefs that can inhibit a woman’s sexual behavior:

Nice girls don’t enjoy sex
I don’t deserve sexual pleasure
I’m not desirable
I’m not good in bed
Sex is for procreation
I have to be in control of my body all the time
Sex is just another chore of a married woman
I’m embarrassed to ask for what I want in bed
Oral sex is dirty
God is watching me
Certain sexual acts are humiliating to woman

If these or similar thoughts prevent you from enjoying great sex, you are missing out!  Sex a wonderful way to escape our not-always-so-easy existence and the most natural remedy to reduce stress and worry.  Quality sex life brings couples together and improves on our health and even our physical appearance.  There are many reasons as to why you should consider overcoming your sexual inhibition — the first being to simply get more enjoyment out of life.

Overcoming a sexual inhibition is not always an easy process, but you can begin with these simple techniques to get yourself started:

Figure out the root of the problem
When you have a moment to yourself, pour a glass of wine and relax in the comfort of your favorite space.  Reflect inwards and come face to face with the underlying reasons for your sexual inhibition.  Pin point the specific events in your life that may have contributed to this condition.  Reach deeply into your sub-conscious to find the specific negative thoughts and beliefs that constrain your sexual desire.  Bring all of this to the surface and examine each issue in a cool and analytical (rather than emotional) way.

Substitute the negative inner thought process with a positive one.  Keep telling yourself that sex is natural and good.  Convince yourself that you deserve sexual pleasure.  Work on your self-esteem issues if that’s a part of the problem.  Focus on what’s attractive about your body rather than what is not.  Invest in yourself.  Buy new lingerie, change your hair, get a manicure.  If necessary, make small life style changes and actually do improve on your physical appearance and health.  Lose a couple of pounds, start a workout routine, quit smoking, start going to bed earlier.

Get to know your body
Some women don’t feel comfortable with their bodies and many feel intimidated or even ashamed by their private body parts.  Getting over these feelings can be an important step in overcoming a sexual inhibition.

One of the techniques you can use to get passed this issue is to once in a while give yourself a sexy…strip tease.  Again, assistance of your favorite wine is highly recommended here.  Here is what to do:

Put on something sexy.  Perhaps the little black dress at the back of your closet that you haven’t worn in months.  Intensify the intrigue by adding red lipstick and a pair of sexy high heels.  Dim the lights and play some soft music.  Now, stand in front of a full-length mirror and begin.  Watch yourself slowly taking your clothes off while seductively moving to the sounds of the music.  Sensually remove your dress.  Next, the bra — one strap at a time.  Leave the panties for last.

Once all of your clothes are off, look at the reflection of your naked body from a purely sexual point of view.  Examine your breasts and think about the way they taste to your lover while in his mouth.  Touch your nipples and rub them with your fingertips till they get hard.  Take a closer look at your lower body next.  Lift one of your legs to get a spread out view of what’s between them.  Touch the pink flesh hidden between the lips of your vagina.  Run your fingers through your pubic hair.  Find your clitoris and give it a little rub.  Continuing with your sensual dance, turn your body around.  Bend over and arch your back.  Find the reflection of your rear end in the mirror.  Think of the last time you did it doggy style and recall the way your partner’s penis felt inside of you after he entered you from behind.

To conclude the strip tease, rub baby oil all over your body.  Make a show of it too.  Watch yourself massage the oil all over your breasts, your bum, and your legs.  The smooth and slippery sensation of your skin should feel nice and sexy to touch.  If you feel the need to, bring yourself to an orgasm.  Watch yourself do that in the mirror too.

Learn about ways that your body can give you pleasure
One of the best ways to learn about your body’s erogenous zones is to find them yourself.  While alone in bed, try touching different areas of your body to learn what type of sensation gives you the most pleasure.  Your nipples and your clitoris are likely the most sensitive areas of your body, but you might find other sensual places too.  Gently stroke your neck, rub your thighs, pinch your buttocks, and touch your anus.

Some of the most pleasurable and powerful orgasms are the result of “stimuli combos”.  This is when two or more erogenous areas of the body are being stimulated at the same time.  For example, many women enjoy the pleasure of having their nipples, and their clitoris, stimulated both at the same time.

Test the effect of this particular sexual stimuli combination on your own body.  Bring your left hand to your right nipple and rub / pinch / squeeze it with your fingers.  At the same time, use your right hand to rub your clit.  Stimulate both areas simultaneously for a few minutes and see if the sensation turns you on.

Do more experimenting to learn what other types of stimulation stir up a sexual desire in you.  Share your findings with your partner.

Stimulate your sexual urges
If sex has never been high on your list of priorities, chances are, your libido is a little rusty.  You don’t feel the urge, you don’t have the desire, you would rather go to bed.

How do you change that?

One sure way to get your erotic juices flowing is to keep bringing thoughts of sex into your daily routine.  Use your imagination to visualize hot erotic scenes — with you in them.  Picture various sexual positions.  Make a plan of what naughty things you will do to your partner the next time the two of you have sex.

Another excellent technique is to trick your brain into thinking that you are sexually aroused by making sex noises out loud.  Make sure you are alone and nobody is within an earshot of you (or things could get a little embarrassing).  Start off with a quiet “oh yeah…oh god…”  As you start to get more comfortable with the sound of your voice, get louder and more passionate and finish off with a great vocal Hollywood production of a fake orgasm.  Sexual sound effects (even if not real) can be very stimulating and bring on a horny feeling.

Try other ways of stimulating your libido.  If working takes up a lot of your day, try a couple of sexual experiments while at the office.  Take a short bathroom break.  While in the privacy of a bathroom stall, slide your hand under your bra.  Squeeze and rub your nipples until you feel them get hard.  Perform Kegel exercises (by contracting and relaxing your pelvic muscles) at your desk while thinking about sex.  Flirt with a co-worker.

The sky is the limit when it comes to self-stimulating.  Read an erotic novel.  Watch a pornographic movie.  Buy a dirty magazine.

Communicate with your partner
Good communication with your partner is key to success in the journey to overcome your sexual inhibition.  Once again, a glass of nice wine will greatly facilitate this process.

Be honest with your partner.  Talk to him about your sexual inhibition and make him a part of the process of overcoming the problem.  If sharing these private feelings seems like a difficult task, start the conversation slowly and make it a gradual process.  Ask your partner to be patient and share only a little each day.

Watch a pornographic movie with your partner
Watching a couple of strangers do it on the screen can have a powerful effect on your sexual desire.  It has the potential to take you from the state of mind of “not in the mood” to “fuck me right now” in a very short period of time.  The visual stimulation of watching a sexual act play out on the screen, combined with the erotic vocals (as well as some wine of course) can stir up your sexual urges and lower your sexual inhibitions before you know what hit you.  Many women love watching pornographic movies before or during sexual activity and report experiencing some of their best orgasms while watching porn.

Pretend you are someone else
You might need an extra glass of wine to
try this one.

Try breaking your sexual inhibition by pretending you are somebody else.  This would be a great time to play out some of your repressed sexual fantasies.

Pretend to be a call girl with a steep per-hour charge.  Make your partner pay you with real money (just for fun, give it back after) and fuck him like a professional.

Play the role of a naughty masseuse.  Your partner is an un-suspecting client of the Naughty Massage Parlor and gets a big surprise when the massage session ends in a sensual hand job.

Dress up for the role.  Put on a wig and lots of make up.  Wear revealing clothes and a pair of sexy high-heel boots.

Have a glass of wine before having sex
Wine, wine, and more wine.  Nothing makes inhibitions disappear faster than good, wine-induced buzz.  Be careful not to indulge in too much of the beverage though, or the potential for wild love making will quickly turn into a snooze fest and your efforts to reduce your sexual inhibitions will not go anywhere at all.

Sex with a Faceless Man (The Erotic Through-Curtain Experience)

Erotic play and adult experimentation are essential components of a stimulating and continually satisfying sexual relationship between two people.  Nothing worse than settling for a well-rehearsed love making routine that — perhaps — takes care of your basic physical needs, but fails to satisfy a deeper itch inside of your erotic psyche to explore new levels of sexual pleasure.  Fortunately, with countless ways to bring spice and intrigue into your bedroom, sex never needs to be boring again.

With that, I would like to bring to you another installment in our playful series of Ways to Be Dirty and Play Naughty.  Read on to learn about an adult experiment that will make your next sexual experience sinfully dirty and indecently naughty.

During this particular erotic play, you will sensually pleasure the genitals of a faceless stranger standing behind a black curtain — and he will pleasure your genitals in return.

While acting out this very erotic sexual scene, you will toss aside any sexual inhibitions that you may have — and turn yourself into a shameless, sex-craved, cum-hungry whore.

The stranger, of course, is your boyfriend, husband, or friend.  Use sexual fantasy and power of your imagination to turn the familiar person into someone you will temporarily believe to never have met before.  For the purpose of this role play, your boyfriend/husband/friend is simply a horny, willing body — and the extent of your interest toward him is his male genitalia.

Because this one is all about celebrating your primitive sexual instincts, and all about exploring the horny animal inside of you.  During this particular sexual encounter, your focus remains on your basic desire to give and receive an orgasm — and nothing else.

To summarize:

For the purpose of this particular sexual role play, you and your partner turn into complete strangers for the evening.  To fully achieve the psychological disconnect, you do not get to see or speak with each other at all while participating in this naughty act.  To further facilitate the anonymity of this experience, a black curtain is being used and the entire sexual encounter takes place through a thin fabric separating your naked, horny bodies.

What you will need:


  • Wine
  • A black shower curtain made of thin, light fabric (make sure to wash it first)
  • An adjustable shower curtain rod
  • A natural sex oil (for example coconut)
  • A chair


Find a narrow entryway somewhere in your home.  Doorway separating your bedroom and your walk-in closet is an excellent option here.  Open the door as wide as you can and use a door-stopper to ensure door stays completely out of the way during your play time.  Hang the curtain in the frame of the door.  An adjustable shower curtain rod will allow a quick and easy installation.  Once installed, use a pair of scissors to cut a six-inch vertical slit in the middle section of the curtain.  The location of the slit should be approximately one third the curtain’s length from the floor (to later align with your partner’s crotch area).


Give the space a “naughty” vibe by dimming the lights and accenting it with candles.  Play soft music in the background.  Rub a nicely scented body lotion all over your body.  To better get in the role of a sex-craved whore you’re about to turn into, apply slutty makeup and wear a pair of hooker high heels.  Place the massage oil, as well as a fresh glass of wine, somewhere close by and within easy reach.  Bring a small chair and locate it somewhere near you as well.


The object of this adult game is to play naughty with a faceless stranger standing behind a curtain.  Sex is completely anonymous.

To better get in the mood of this unconventional sexual experience, about a half hour before you begin, both — you and your partner — mentally prepare by each enjoying a nice glass of wine…in separate rooms.

At a pre-agreed point in time, your partner walks towards the curtain and stands behind it (inside the walk-in closet if that’s the space you’re using).  To avoid running into him and spoiling the anonymity factor of the play, you follow a couple of minutes later and stand on the curtain’s opposite side.  The game begins.

Other than you wearing a pair of sexy high heels, both of your bodies are completely naked.  The two of you stand on the opposite sides of the curtain and eagerly anticipate the naughty encounter to come.  You’re so close your bodies touch and rub through the fabric.  Pretending not to know who’s behind the curtain will take this experience to a brand new level of naughty.

Reach out and begin to touch the stranger’s body in a more sexual way now.  Remember that at this stage of the game, all touching takes place through the fabric of the curtain.  Not being able to see the man’s face — or the body parts you are touching — brings on an intriguing type of sexual arousal that is a combination of erotically-charged curiosity combined with a helpless frustration.

Sip on your wine and continue on.  Sensually touch and stimulate different areas of your partner’s body — rub his chest, bite his nipples, squeeze his arms.  Remember to do it all through the fabric of the curtain.  Encourage him to touch you too.  Let him take your nipples into his mouth and suck them through the curtain’s fabric.  Touch the wet spots on the fabric left behind by his mouth.  Find each other tongues, and perform a blind French kiss.

Direct your hand toward the intimate area of the man’s body now.  Get on your knees and let your mouth find his testicles and suck them right through the fabric of the curtain.  Once you feel his erection grow big and hard — and also find yourself hot and moist down below — you know that it is time for the next level of play.


Push your hand through the opening in the curtain and find the stranger’s penis.  You are finally touching skin to skin — pause to enjoy the smooth sensation of the beautiful male organ tenderly held by your hand.  Pull it right through the slit in the curtain and bring it over on your side.  Make sure that testicles get pulled through the slit as well.  Reach for the massage oil and generously lubricate the penis with it.

It is time to indulge the penis with a naughty treatment.  Begin by performing a sensual hand job.  Make a tight fist and massage the oily penis up and down its entire length.  Enhance the stranger’s pleasurable experience by changing up the speed, pressure, and direction of the glide.  Keep your eyes wide open and enjoy the erotic visual of the glistening penis getting larger and harder as you massage it faster and squeeze it harder.  Stop just time — you do not want for the man behind the curtain to ejaculate just yet.


Slow things down for now and return the penis to the other side of the curtain.  It is your turn to be pleasured now.  Place the chair right next to you.  Holding on to the frame of the door for support, raise one of your legs and rest your foot on the seat of the chair.  Positioning your body in this way will open up your intimate area, and provide your partner with an easy access to your female pleasure zone.

Reach in through the slit in the curtain, find the stranger’s hand and guide it towards the spread-out lips of your moist vagina.  Enjoy the sensation of his fingers rubbing your clitoris and penetrating you on the inside.  Close your eyes and enjoy the sexual pleasure derived from this very erotic experience but do not orgasm yet.


Once again, reach in through the slit in the curtain and pull the stranger’s penis onto your side.  Kneel down and align your face with his erect penis.  Playfully lick around the tip of the penis to start things off, but quickly take things to the next level.  Stick your tongue out as far as you can now, and using its entire moist surface lick up, down, and around the hardness of his penis.

After a short wine break, proceed to pleasure the stranger’s testicles.  Lick around them to start.  Next, suck the testicles deeply into your mouth and play a silly game of attempting to swallow them down your throat.  It will drive your partner crazy.

Perform a sensual blow job next.  Inch by inch, begin a slow process of inserting the stranger’s penis into your mouth.  Once fully inside of you, start sucking on the penis — while at the same time — sliding it in and out of your mouth.  Slow and easy at first, but after a little while, suck harder and slide faster.  Let the tip of the penis poke at the back of your throat and press into your cheeks from the inside of your mouth.  Keep going till the faceless stranger behind the curtain cannot take the sexual culmination any longer and — abundantly ejaculates into your mouth.  Enjoy the erotic sensation of warm ejaculate happily releasing against your tongue.  Roll the fresh cum on your tongue but do not swallow it yet.


Do not swallow the stranger’s ejaculate yet.  Hold the creamy substance on your tongue for the time being.  Bring yourself to a standing position and — just like you did earlier — raise your leg and rest it on the chair’s seat to make your vagina open and spread.  Guide your partner’s hand through the slit in the curtain and let him pleasure your pussy like he did just minutes earlier.  Insert his fingers deeply into your vagina and let them penetrate you deeply and thoroughly.  Rock your body to meet the rhythm of the fingers sliding in and out of your horny female organ.

In order take things to the next level of sexual pleasure, roll your tongue to better taste the fresh ejaculate that squirted all over your mouth just moments earlier.  Close your eyes and enjoy the anticipation of the sexual climax that you are just about to experience.  As you feel its onset, begin a very slow process of swallowing the tasty ejaculate — and enjoy its slimy warmth traveling down your throat as your body jerks and pulsates with the waves of your sexual release.