Canadians Have the Best Sex

Canadians have the best sex

Many of the world’s nationalities may not want to agree with a fast growing opinion that Canada produces the world’s best lovers and that Canadians have the best sex.  The Canadian lover no longer needs to feel inferior about his sexual abilities — if he ever felt that way at all.  Just saying since traditionally, the Sensual French and the Hot-Blooded Italians, have enjoyed the flattering stereotype of the universe’s most skilled lovers.  But that’s in the past now.

Based on brand new research and statistics, turns out that it’s the Canadian people who enjoy some of the best sex around.  Here are some of the reasons why.

Multicultural nature of our society benefits us in many different ways.  Let’s take food as an example.  Thanks to ethnic recipes and exotic spices introduced to us by newcomers into our country, we have access to some of the best cuisines in the world.

But the famous saying “variety is a spice of life” doesn’t just apply to our food preferences.  It refers to many area of our lives including our sexuality and sexual appetites.  Variety is the key indeed.  What better way to spice things up in the bedroom than to make love with someone completely different than you.  If you haven’t already, try getting to know and making love to someone from a completely different hemisphere.  The differences and contrasts that you will find in the other person will set you on fire.  Two very different people in bed learning about new sexual techniques from each other will bring about some of the steamiest love making on the planet.

A popular belief suggesting that a tropical hot climate promotes sexual activity and enhances the erotic performance, is true to a certain extent indeed.  You can easily see how the hot sun, the beautiful beaches, and the attractive, tanned people combine together and unleash the our deepest urges to be lustful and romantic.

But with that in mind, there is something to be said about the cold weather — the harsh Canadian winter to be more precise — and its wonderful effects on our sexuality.  Try shovelling heavy snow on a freezing cold day.  Walk home from the bus station in the windy minus fifteen.  Drive home from work inside of a car that never really gets warm.  Do any of these for even a short period of time and what do suddenly start dreaming about?  A fire place, a glass of wine, and the warmth of your partner’s body.

Healthy attitude toward sexCanadians are open minded and easy going about sex.  Sexual activity is viewed by Canadians as a natural part of being a human being.  After all, we all need sexual satisfaction and physical release, it’s just how we’re made.  We are comfortable with our sexuality which translates into guilt-free, uninhibited, and creative sex.

Healthy lifestyle
Canadians are healthier and live longer than people of many other nationalities.  We eat better and exercise more.  We have access to quality health care and medication as well as vitamins, supplements, and countless treatments.  As a result we are bigger, stronger, and happier.  On the sexual side of things, our healthy life style translates into more sexual energy and potency.

The Game of Hockey
Not every Canadian is a huge hockey fan and this piece of insight comes from a number women whose husbands are just that.  Wives of hockey lovers find that watching a hockey game, with all its speed, intensity, and physicality, stimulate their husbands’ sexual urges.  They end up in the bedroom after every game and have sex that’s as intense as the game — rough and quick but extremely satisfying.  The orgasms come quick and short but feel like little earth quakes.

Easy access to adult toy products
Just like many other aspects of our modern life, sometimes pleasing a partner in a sexual way may require help from technology.  Sexual encounters always seem to get just a little bit more exciting when a vibrating adult device gets introduced into the play.  And there is no shortage of those on Canadian market with an enormous selection of adult toys, dirty movies, sexy lingerie, and much much more, readily offered to consumers in retail stores and on line.

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