Dirty Laundry

purchase proscar The phone rang loudly.  I glanced at caller ID before picking up, it was Mike.
“What’s up babe?” I asked.  Mike rarely called me from work.

But he didn’t answer.  I could hear him breathing heavily on the other side of the phone, but other than that he was completely silent.  “Is everything okay?” I asked a little concerned.

Few long seconds passed before he finally said: “I’ll be home in an hour to fuck you.”
He clicked off and was gone.

Did I hear that right?  Took me a couple seconds to process this very unusual three-sentence conversation.  Did he just say he was coming home for a quickie?

Presumptuous on his part, I thought.  Did he expect me to just drop everything and wait there for him naked by the door?  I didn’t think so.  I was in the middle of laundry and sex was the farthest thing on my mind.  I decided to call him back and tell him not bother coming home.

But as I started walking towards the phone, his words suddenly replayed in my mind.  “I’ll be home in an hour to fuck you…” the sound of his masculine voice making the words “fuck you” turn something on deep inside of me this time around.  My body twitched with a sudden surge of sexual desire.  Blood rushed to my face and my nipples turned hard in an instant.  I became very aware of my clit and how it rubbed against the stitching of my jeans as I moved my legs forward to walk.  I suddenly felt horny.

I never made it to the phone.  Instead, I slid my hand inside my jeans and under my panties.  I was surprised to find that my pussy was already wet.  I stuck my middle finger inside of it and started sliding it up and down my pussy shaft, slowly at first, but then gradually picking up the speed.  I felt a strong urge to orgasm and let out a quiet moan.  It would only take me a couple of minutes to do the job myself, but no — I would wait for Mike.  I retracted the finger.

Needless to say, I couldn’t concentrate on laundry any more.  I closed the laundry room door to spare myself the sight of dirty sheets and towels piled up on the floor.  I felt the need to have some red wine (strange since it wasn’t even lunch time yet) and poured myself a glass of Chilean Merlot.  Its usual color of deep ruby-red looked oddly light in the bright sunshine of the day.

I just love wine.  Wine brings a lot of excitement into my life.  Wine makes me giggle like a teenage girl for no reason at all.  Wine makes my food taste better, my clothes fit nicer, and my friends seem funnier.  But most important of all, wine makes me screw hard and it makes me screw dirty.  Mike really likes the dirty whore that wine brings out of me and encouraged my passion for the beverage enthusiastically.

I took the glass of wine with me upstairs and decided that a hot bubble bath would make for a great pre-sex activity.  I poured some lavender-scented bubble bath in the tub and turned the water on.  I sat on the tub’s ledge and watched the bubbles getting bigger and fluffier while sipping on the Merlot.

I suddenly thought of a stash of pornographic magazines that Mike “hid” from me in his office.  I knew about them all along.  He kept them in the bottom drawer of his desk under a pile of old racing forms.  I often brought them out of hiding for my own pleasure, and used them as an aid while masturbating.

Nothing went better together than wine and porn so I decided to take a little trip down the hall.  I was back in just a couple of minutes.  In my hand was a glossy magazine, its cover featuring some bimbo’s huge tits.

Not that I had anything against tits.  Woman’s breasts actually really turned me on and I often pictured big bouncy ones during sex.  Made my orgasms better.  And this pair was particularly attractive.  Round and perky, with large pink circles for nipples.

I took my clothes off and slowly got in the hot bubbly water.  Had a big gulp of wine and swallowed it slowly.  I felt tipsy almost instantly.

I reached for the dirty magazine and randomly opened it to a page depicting a young muscular man standing against a red-toned background.  Curly blonde, down on her knees, was in a process of giving the man a blow job — his penis deep inside of her mouth.  The man was pressing at the back of the woman’s head — her hair messily tangled in between his fingers — as if to stuff his penis even deeper inside of her.  The expression on his face was that of a near-orgasm which really turned me on.  My dirty mind led me to imagine that he was just about to ejaculate inside the woman’s mouth.  I was very aroused by now if Mike wasn’t here soon, I would have to masturbate to release the enormous tension that suddenly built up around my pelvic area and my clit.

But at last I heard the front door open.  “I’m up here!” I yelled to Mile as loud as I could.

He found me in a flash.  Didn’t question the bubbles, didn’t ask about the wine, didn’t even seem surprised to see me holding one of his dirty magazines.

Actually — he didn’t even say hi.

His pants were off before I could blink, but he didn’t bother with the shirt and left it on.  His cock was hard and large…and so close…just on the other side of the tub’s ledge and inches from my cum-thirsty mouth.  Inspired by the sexy picture in the magazine, I wanted so badly to take his penis into my mouth and suck it hard till warm sticky cream filled the entire cavity of my mouth.  But Mike had other plans.

“I want you to sit in my chair,” I was confused at first but quickly realized that he meant the leather chair in his office.
“But I’m completely wet,” I said.

He either didn’t hear me or didn’t care.  He grabbed me by the arm, pulled me out of the tub, and guided me in the direction of his office; my wet body leaving a trail of soapy mess on the floor as I we were making our way across the hall.

When we got there, his strong hands pushed me into the cushions of his office chair, quite roughly I should add, his face dead serious.  The leather fabric of the chair felt a little weird against my wet skin.  Sticky and immobilizing.  Stuck to the chair, I had a difficult time moving my body but found the “trapped” sensation to be a real turn on.  Mike knelt down in front of me.

“Come closer to me and spread your legs.  Spread them real wide,” he said.

With quite a bit of effort, I un-peeled my body from the chair and moved my hips all the way down.  Mike grabbed me by my thighs and spread my legs as far as they would go.  This made the lips of my vagina come wide apart exposing moist flesh of my very horny pussy.

“Eat my pussy, Mike,” I whispered to him.  “Make me cum.”

He dug in, using his tongue to pleasure my juicy cunt with unnecessary urgency, as if he was in some kind of a rush.  “Slow down baby, let me enjoy it awhile,” I told him, and he did.

Mentally, I was in some type of a sexual heaven.  Pre-sex bubbles combined with the intoxicating effects of the Merlot have reduced my sexual inhibitions to nil.  I was screaming out dirty words of erotic pleasure in a way that was way too loud for the open windows.  But I had no shame left in me at this point at all.  Actually, the idea that Mr. Andrews next door was likely hearing my pre-orgasmic screams, only added to the intensity of my naughty morning.  The big moment was almost here.

I grabbed Mike by his hair desperately needing to fine tune his movements at this point.  He was licking up and down my pussy which felt great, but I needed him to concentrate on my clit right now.  “Tightly around my clit baby…stay on it now… yes… right there,” I was yelling loud enough for Mr. Andrews to hear, and I pictured him whacking off.

I finally felt it.

“Yes… yes… yes…”  I could only say as spasms of orgasmic pleasure travelled up and down my body.  I felt it all over: my clit, my anus, my nipples.  I was in pure sexual ecstasy experiencing one of the best orgasms I had in quite a long time — so pleasurable and powerful that I felt drenched and limp as soon as it was over.

But Mike wasn’t finished yet.  Close though.  His eyes had that “out-of-this-world” gaze and his breathing was loud and fast.  He pulled me a bit closer forward, stuck his enormous cock in my juicy pussy, and started pumping into me like there was no tomorrow.  Fucking me hard and fast while taking in the visual of my wet tits violently bouncing from the impact of his powerful thrusts.  He was clearly on a mission to empty his cum-filled balls as soon as was humanly possible — and I knew he was almost there.

And there it was.

“I’m cumming babe…cumming now…pulling out my cock and spraying my cream all over your cunt!”

Mike pulled out just in time.  He was ejaculating with a massive force, whitish cum spewing intensely all over my pussy.  With quite a fascination, I watched Mike’s ejaculate make a sticky mess all over my crotch.  I brought my hand to it and rubbed the creamy substance into my pubic hair.

Took him a good minute to come out of it, but he was in control once again, his eyes clearer and his breathing slower.  “That was fucking good,” was the only thing he said.

Less than five minutes later he was dressed, out the door, and gone.  Back to work, I assumed.

“Fucking good” was the understatement of the century, I thought.  I slowly peeled myslef off the leather backing of the chair and stood up.  My legs were shaky as I was making my way back towards the bathroom.  I still had some wine left in my wine glass and the bubbles were more inviting than ever — I was going to finish my bubble bath.

Laundry wouldn’t get done today but screw it, tomorrow was another day.