Pairing Sexual Fantasies with Adult Toys

browse around these guys Live out your dirtiest sexual fantasies and fulfill your naughtiest erotic desires by combining imaginative adult role play with a suitable sex toy or adult accessory.

Life’s too short to be secretive about your sexual Life’s too short to be secretive about your sexual fantasies or your erotic needs.or your erotic needs.
We all have dirty thoughts: naughty sexual fantasies that help us get aroused, make our orgasms better, or simply help us “finish” when we are masturbating.Some people strive to make their sexual fantasies materialize in real life, and many of them do, indeed, succeed.  An arousing male fantasy involving oral sex being performed on him by a horny stripper, might actually come true given the right set of circumstances (and perhaps a fat pile of twenty dollar bills).

But for most of us, erotic imaginary remains just that: a mental play-by-play of something that really turns us on, and nothing more than that.  What waste of a wonderful erotic fuel that — rather than being your dirty little secret — should be shared with your partner and used to enhance your sexual pleasure the next time the two of you make love.

Below are some of the reasons as to why our erotic desires rarely come true in real life:

Keeping it private — most people tend to keep their dirty thoughts to themselves.  Some individuals are simply embarrassed by their fantasies’ inappropriate nature, while others worry about upsetting or offending their partner.  A married man, for example, might have a valid concern that revealing his secret desire to have sex with a prostitute might have a negative impact on his marriage.

Contrary to popular belief both genders share many of the same sexual fantasies.  The trick is to find the specific fantasies that you and your partner both have in common.  You can easily accomplish this through the means of open and honest conversation.  Open up about your erotic desires, but do it in a way that will not to cause your partner to feel insecure or threatened by them.  Arriving at a list of naughty scenarios that both of you find erotic has the exciting potential to change your definition of the word “sex”.

Not sure how others define sexual intercourse?  Here is Wikipedia:

Hard to arrange — some of our imagined sexual encounters might be difficult to arrange in real life.  Working the streets as a prostitute, seducing your handsome kidnapper, or being a naughty hospital nurse, are just a few examples.

Not as hard to arrange as you think.  You can make your wildest naughty fantasy come to life by simply role playing it out.  All you need is a horny partner, a fitting adult toy, and a mental script of what needs to happen in order to make your imagined scenarios come to life.

Fantasy only — certain erotic imaginary might turn you on while masturbating or having sex, however, it might be a scenario that you would never actually pursue in real life.  Having sex with a complete stranger, or sharing your husband with another woman, are just some examples of things that many women fantasize about but don’t really want to experience in reality.

Reality is overrated.  Simply role play it out.  Just because it’s a scenario you might not necessarily desire to carry out in real life, doesn’t mean it’s not something you could enjoy with your partner while engaging in some role playing and naughty sex.

Read below to learn about sexual fantasies that are often shared by both, men and women.  Learn about ways to act them out with your partner using simple adult toys as sexual aids.  Find your own fantasy on the list, suggest it to your partner, and follow tips below to make the fantasy come alive tonight.

A Steamy Three-Some

Fulfill both of your three-some desires by inviting Jesse Jane to bed with you tonight.  Tell your guy he will have the pleasure of fucking two pussies tonight and introduce him to Jesse.  Place her at the bottom of your bed, the slit of the pussy facing toward you.  Be extra dirty and naughty.  Pretend that Jesse is watching you and put little extra effort into your performance.  Play with your guy’s balls, suck his cock, stuff your breasts inside of his mouth.  Once he’s nice and hard, get on top of him and fuck his cock, but do not let him come.  Tell him it’s Jesse’s turn and hop off.  Time to include her in your naughty play time now.  Give her pussy lips a little kiss and a lick.  Stick your finger inside of her and let your guy watch as you finger fuck her.
Make a show of pouring a lubricant all over her and then tease the tip of his cock with her. Push it down the shaft of his cock and proceed to masturbate him with her pussy.

check out the post right here Continuing with the three-some adventure:

A more interesting scenario perhaps involves a three way encounter featuring one woman and two men.  Or, in simpler words, two cocks and one pussy.  I doubt there is one woman out there in the world who — at the very least — has not (even if briefly) entertained this naughty idea in her head.

Two of my girlfriends got into an interesting conversation once.  The girls were passionately discussing different ways to best utilize two big, horny cocks in bed.  Just to clarify, neither had any actual three-some experience in their real lives, but that didn’t stop them from having solid “what-to-do’s” just in case a three some-some possibility ever presented itself in their futures.

My friend, Katie, said that she would like to be fucked from behind by one of the cocks, while performing a deep throat blow job on the other.  The ideal finish would be to have both of the cocks ejaculate into her at the same time, one spraying into her mouth and the second one into her pussy.

The other friend, Nancy, stated that her preferred scenario would be to be fucking cock number one “the cow girl style” while at the same time, performing oral sex on cock number two.  The frontward positioning would allow the owner of cock number one to provide her with additional stimulation by sucking on her boobs during the sexual act, thus making the experience even more pleasurable.

Life’s too short to be shy about your sexual fantasies, so if a second penis is what you desire in bed, talk to your partner about it.  The idea might be might be more appealing to him than you think.

Try adult toys below for the “extra cock” experience if that’s what your sexual fantasy is about.

Prostitution Sex
Prostitution is another sexual fantasy frequently entertained by both, men and women.

From the point of the view of a man, the appeal is tremendous.  A time alone with a woman who, in exchange of money, will gladly fulfil all of his dirty sexual desires.

Sex with a prostitute can be very gratifying to a man for a number of different reasons:

  • The element of novelty.  Having sex with the same woman often becomes a predictable routine that, as time goes on, fails to produce new levels of sexual satisfaction.  An experienced prostitute can provide an exciting new stimulation by the mere fact that she looks and acts differently than the old wife or girlfriend.
  • Sex being her occupation also means that a prostitute will perform tasks of pleasuring her customers with skill and expertise of a professional.
  • She’s a complete stranger — a psychological comfort to those suffering from the so-called bed shyness.  Sexual acts you might be too embarrassed to suggest to your wife can be explored in a shame-free, un-inhibited setting with a prostitute.  The internal sexual beast can be released at last!  Paul writes in: “Even after twenty years of marriage both my wife and I are still very reserved about sexual matters.  Very rarely do we step outside of our regular love making routine which usually involves a little tit sucking immediately followed by the missionary style.  Once in a while, when I travel, I arrange to have a prostitute come to my hotel room.  I let go of all my inhibitions around a prostitute because I don’t know her.  What I wouldn’t as much as think to suggest to my wife, I do with her.  Go all out.  Fuck her mouth, have her suck my balls, cum on her tits.  The ladies that come to my hotel room charge me a steep fee for the pleasure, but it’s worth every penny I spend.”
  • Having all the attention and being pampered.  When life gets busy and chaotic, sex tends to become less of a priority of a tired wife or girlfriend and she might fail to give her man as much attention as she used to.  Paying for the services of a prostitute ensures that the neglected man once again feels like a king.

Prostitution is a fantasy of many women as well.