The Champagne Room Sex Adventure I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that the naughty sexual experience I’m about describe to you actually happened, but believe me, it really did.
It was kind of a special day — my birthday — and my wife was taking me out for dinner.  The two of us were in a desperate need of a night out together, both working long hours at our jobs lately and not spending nearly as much time together as we used to.
It also happened to be a Friday, our favorite day of the week, and we were both in the best of moods.  Laughing and chatting like we haven’t in a while, we opened a bottle of wine and drank most of its contents before we even left the house.
I somehow knew this night was going to be extra special.  I just felt it in my bones.

The steak house my wife picked for our special night out together was a very cool place, cozy and romantic; our steaks cooked to perfection.  The Californian red our waiter recommended was one of the best tasting wines we had in quite some time, so we ordered a second bottle as soon as the first one was all gone.  We were slowly getting drunk.
Before I go on with my story, I have to tell you a little secret about my wife and her unusual relationship with wine.  A little bit of it makes her happy and fun, but a lot of it turns her into a shameless whore.  This wonderful wife-to-whore transformation does not take place very often as my wife tries to be a responsible drinker but when it does — believe me — I am the luckiest man on the planet.
The last time was at her best friend’s wedding reception, a couple of years ago.  She definitely had too much to drink on that particular night.  Snaked her hand under the table and used the long table cloth draped over top of it to conceal the fact that she was massaging my horny cock right through dinner.
After main course, we were served a chocolate mousse for dessert.  Pink raspberry on top, the mousse looked and smelled divine.  But my wife didn’t seem pleased with her dessert and kept poking at the soft chocolate pile with her fork.  “What’s wrong?” I kept asking her but she wouldn’t say.
Few minutes later, pouty expression on her face, she finally turned to me and quietly whispered into my ear: “I think this dessert needs a little more cream.”  She reached under the table and squeezed my cock real hard to make sure that I knew exactly what type of cream she was talking about.
“Watch this,” she said.
She spread her lips, and using her dessert fork, stuffed a large blob of the chocolate mousse inside of her mouth.  Barely able to speak through the soft mass filling the cavity of her mouth, she quietly mumbled into my ear, “I’m not swallowing any of my dessert until you make it nice and creamy for me.”
I was in a bit of a shock to hear my wife say a thing like that.  She was normally so proper and well behaved.  I was confused too.  Did she really mean what I thought she meant?
Before I got the chance to analyze the meaning behind my wife’s naughty words, she suddenly grabbed me by the hand, and with surprising strength, pulled me away from our table and led me out the door of the reception hall.  I guess I was just about to find out what she had in store for me.  Her cheeks looked so awkward as she walked in front of me — round and puffy from the chocolate mousse she refused to swallow until I creamed it for her.
Just a few minutes later, we were in a secluded area of the reception hall’s parking lot, standing behind an enormous SUV.  I leaned against the side of the vehicle and dropped my pants to the ground, my penis hard as a rod, anxious to satisfy my wife’s desires and abundantly spray my cream into her mouth.
She needed to work for it though.  And she did.  Down on her knees — her pantyhose ripping against the rough asphalt beneath us — my wife proceeded to suck on my cock like there was no tomorrow, little bits of half-melted chocolate mousse spilling out of the corners of her mouth as she did it.  This, by far, was the best blow job of my entire life — the inside of my wife’s messy mouth feeling so wonderfully warm and sticky to my cock… When I was close to my orgasm, I steadied her head with my hands and proceeded to fuck her mouth hard and fast, my ass rhythmically banging against the passenger’s door of the SUV just behind me.  The big moment arrived at last.  “Here’s your cream baby,” I screamed in pleasure as my cum massively squirted into my wife’s mouth.  And that’s when she finally swallowed her dessert.
But that happened such a long time ago though with nothing even close in its erotic intensity to occur between us since.  I was slowly losing hope in seeing the dirty-whore version of my wife ever again.  But sitting across the table from her now, I could see that familiar sparkle in her eyes once again.  Happy Birthday to me!  I could tell that my wife was slowly turning into the very slut that had me cream her chocolate-filled mouth in a public parking lot during her best friend’s wedding reception.  Hello there baby, long time no see…
I believe the large amount of wine she consumed throughout the evening was the main reason behind the naughty transformation about to take place, but other likely contributing factor was the fact that the two of us have not had sex in over a month.  Just busy with our jobs and always too tired.
There was no doubt in my mind that my wife was very, very horny.  Looking at her flashed cheeks, I could also tell that our regular bedroom routine(start with a little doggy, turn over for some missionary and finally jerk off and cum on her stomach) just wasn’t what she had in mind for tonight.  Tonight was going to be special.
I knew that my wife had something naughty on her mind, something very dirty and very specific, but had no idea what it was until she steered our conversation toward the topic of one of her girlfriends — and more precisely — an interesting sexual adventure that the girlfriend has recently experienced.
My wife went on to tell me that in an attempt to spice up their boring sex life, the girlfriend’s husband had taken her to a strip club where an attractive stripper lap danced for the two of them together as a couple.  Apparently, the girlfriend has rated this to be the most erotic experience of her entire life.
That’s all I needed to hear.  Before anything could possibly change the state of my wife’s mind at this wonderful moment in time, I quickly took care of our bill, and called us a taxi.
A short cab drive later, my wife and I arrived at Diamonds — a popular strip club in a quiet part of our town.  I knew this place from my younger days, when a visit here was the easiest way for a single guy (or a married one for that matter) to get a quality blow job for bargain of a price.  Yes, it was that type of a place.
The two of us walked into the strip club holding hands, jokingly hiding our faces behind our scarves, all of a sudden feeling little awkward and weird.  But as soon as we sat at a cozy table near the stage, the uneasy feeling dissipated quickly.  My wife was simply infatuated with the place, mesmerized by its erotically charged ambiance.  We drank wine and watched the stage, where song after song, attractive girls seductively took their clothes off to sounds of sexy music.
We liked all the strippers — liked them a lot — but couldn’t decide which one best suited my wife’s naughty plans for the evening.  But then, seemed like out of nowhere, a striking blonde materialized on stage, and as soon as we saw her, we both knew that she was the girl for us.  Her name was Carmela.
There was something very different about Carmela.  Pure, almost animal-like sexuality just emanated from this girl.  Curvy in all the right places, Carmela also had a pair of the most spectacular breasts.  A mental picture of my cock wedged in between those beautiful tits popped into my head out of nowhere and instantly perked my penis up into a half-erection.
My wife was quite impressed with Carmela too.  She always said that a little lesbian lived inside of her and there she was now — I could see her clear as day.  My wife looked at Carmela with passion and sexual desire I have not seen in her eyes in years.
It wasn’t just Carmela’s sexy body, or her exquisite tits for that matter.  Like I said, there was something animal-like about this girl and it definitely showed in the style of her stage performance which went well beyond sexy and erotic.  Put simply, the way Carmela performed on stage was dirty and slutty to the point of almost being profane.  Not that we didn’t enjoy what we saw.
She got our sex juices flowing when she stuffed her breasts inside of her mouth and sensually sucked on her nipples, both of them at the same time.  At some point during her performance she got down on all her fours.  Crawling backwards toward us, she backed into a dance pole positioned in the middle of stage — her spread out pussy so close to it that it was almost touching it.  Slowly rocking her hips to music, Carmela insinuated a doggy style position, the dance pole serving as a giant penis fucking her from behind.
I looked to my side and noticed a young guy sitting just a couple of tables down from us.  His cock out of his pants, the guy was jerking off under the table while watching Carmela’s suggestive performance.  I wasn’t surprised or shocked at all, and almost felt like doing the same thing.  This was too much for any man to take.
Toward the end of her performance Carmela noticed my wife, the only female in the audience, and approached part of the stage nearing our table.  She was performing just for the two of us now.  Completely naked by now, she sat on the stage and spread her legs as far as they would go.  This exposed the moist flesh in between her plump pussy lips.  I pictured myself fucking that juicy flesh and felt my cock getting harder and stiffer the longer I thought about it.
Carmela reached toward her pussy, and using her middle finger, started to slowly massage around her clit in little circles.  Then, quickly and unexpectedly, moved her finger toward the opening of her juicy cunt and stuck it deeply inside of it.  Looking directly at my wife, she slid her finger in and out of her moist vagina until she experienced — what appeared like — a very intense orgasm.
She threw her head back and silently mouthed “Oh my god” while her body twitched and jerked with waves of her climax.  Fake or real, I could not tell you…  All I know, it had quite the effect on the guy masturbating nearby, who suddenly started ejaculating into a Kleenex.  It did quite a number on my horny wife as well, who just sat there, her mouth wide open, watching Carmela’s orgasmic performance with pure sex and desire in her eyes.
As soon as her show was over, Carmela came to sit with us at our table.  Drank wine with us and told us how much she enjoyed dancing for married couples.  In fact, she loved all types of three-way erotic encounters because nothing made her hotter than an extra set of horny sex organs thrown into a sexual mix.
As if on cue, the three of us got up from our table all at the same time.  We knew it was time for a more private setting now.
Carmela led the way till we arrived at a secluded, curtained off area of so-called Champagne Room located on the upper level of the club.  My wife and I sat in a big, rich-looking leather chair that comfortably fit the both us.  My wife sat to my left.  “It’s my husband’s birthday,” she whispered into Carmela’s ear.  “You need to be extra nice to him today.”
A sensual song came on and Carmela started dancing in front of us, slowly removing pieces of her sexy stripper outfit and throwing it on the floor.  She had an amazing body and I enjoyed watching her graceful performance.  But my wife was getting a little impatient.  Wanting something more physical already, she started pushing Carmela’s body toward me.  Gently at first, but was getting a little aggressive as time went on finally to the point of causing the stripper to loose her balance and almost fall on top of me.
Carmela wedged one of her knees in between my legs and against my cock, and leaned her hands against the wall for support.  With this sudden shift of her positioning, her body came in close proximity to mine.
Her breasts were in front of my face now and when she shook them for me, I became fully erect down below in an instant.  I glanced over at my wife to make sure that she was all right with the physical changes taking place inside of my pants.  After all, it was another woman’s tits that my penis was getting hard and excited about.
As if she knew what I was thinking…she brought her lips to my ear and quietly whispered: “Don’t you worry about anything baby, this is your special birthday treat.”  Her eyes were cloudy and her breathing was heavy.  She was aroused beyond sanity now and evidently wanted a little peep show.
To encourage  me, she reached out to touch Carmela’s right breast and gently squeezed it.  This switched on something wild inside the horny stripper, who suddenly started moaning in delight.  Carmela arched her back, and breathing heavily, rocked her hips in an erotic back-and-forth as if she needed to get fucked real soon.
As her body shifted, Carmela’s left nipple perfectly aligned with my anxious mouth, its tip almost brushing against my lips.  I well knew what I wanted to do with that nipple but hesitated, once again waiting for my wife’s reassuring words. This time my wife didn’t say anything though.  Instead, she brought Carmela’s right breast toward her mouth, and while looking straight into my eyes, started to sensually suck on the stripper’s nipple.  The message could not have been any clearer.  I took a deep breath and stuffed Carmela’s left nipple inside of my mouth where I could finally taste it.
This simply was the best moment of my entire life.  Just imagine a pair of beautiful tits simultaneously pleasured by two hungry mouths, one belonging to you, and the other one — to your own wife.  My wife and I passionately sucked on Carmela’s nipples while looking into each other’s eyes and slowly losing touch with reality.
My dick felt so large and hard inside of my pants that I had to undo my zipper and let it spring into freedom.  The moment I did that, Carmela pulled away from us allowing her breasts slip out of our mouths, her nipples deliciously wet and pink.  Evidently, she had another activity on her mind at the moment.  She looked down at my exposed crotch and bit her lower lip at the sight of the large rod of my erect penis and my obscenely massive balls glistening in the red lighting of a nearby table lamp.
Carmela wrapped her hand around my cock and with a discrete gesture of her head invited my wife to join in.  My wife eagerly followed her lead.  Placed her fisted hand around my hard cock right on top of Carmela’s and, by doing so, created the most wonderful two-fisted tunnel of masturbation joy.
As if on cue, the two fists started moving up and down the shaft of my cock — squeezing, rubbing and massaging — and providing me with the most exquisite double-fisted hand job ever performed.
When the girls French kissed in front of me, their tongues wet and anxious with desire, I thought the time has come for me to ejaculate.  But the ladies shook their heads no.  I swear there was a telepathic connection between them.
Carmela reached into her purse, and from inside of it, swiftly produced a shiny package.  It was a condom.  She handed it to my wife who ripped the package open and unrolled the condom onto my penis.  Guided by my wife gentle push, Carmela planted herself onto my hard cock and begun to rhythmically ride it up and down its shaft.  Deeper, faster and harder the longer she did it — pure ecstasy in her eyes — while my wife watched from her side of the chair and masturbated to the live porno scene unfolding right before of her eyes.