Therapeutic Cum Extraction Session with Claudia

online casino with registration bonus A major car accident I was involved in a few months back, left me to deal with some diificult health issues such as back pain, migraines, sleeplessness, and anxiety.

casino online argentina debito In addition to prescribing me pain killers and sleeping pills, my family doctor referred me to a rehabilitation clinic specializing in car accident injuries for a series of back adjustment, as well as some massage therapy.  He was especially optimistic about the massage therapy — convinced it would effectively reduce my pain and anxiety, and fix my sleeping problems for good.

live online casino deutschland John’s Total Health and Wellness Clinic was a small and an unimpressive locale, with bare walls and very few furnishings or decorations to hang your eye on.  The owner John, on the other hand, seemed like a nice enough of a guy, and I quickly came to like his heavy-accented chit chat and his unnaturally wide grin.

golden casino Unfortunately though — session after session — weeks of treatments were going by quickly, but I wasn’t noticing much of an improvement in my overall condition.  The massages just didn’t seem to work.  Gladys, the massage therapist assigned to me by John, tried her best to press and knead into me with all her might and power but just wasn’t able to alleviate any of my symptoms.

emerald queen casino slots My wife, Janet, was slowly becoming frustrated with the poor progress of my therapy goals.  “This whole massage thing is a complete waste of time and a waste of the insurance company’s money,” she told me one day.  “I will need to have a little chat with John the next time we are there.

online casino games new jersey This wasn’t good news for John as was my wife was just the most unpleasant person to deal with.  She was rude and unfriendly and made everyone around her nervous and uncomfortable.  I said to her that perhaps I should be the one to have this conversation with John — this was after all was a matter concerning my person — but she gave me the evil eye and simply told me no.  There was no point in arguing with her.  I’m embarrassed to admit this, but my wife completely rules my life and makes most of my decisions for me.

winstar casino winning slots The very next time we were there, Janet confronted John and plain told him that unless there was a drastic improvement in my physical well-being over the next couple of weeks, I would not be coming back to his clinic for any more treatments.

online casino mit mega bonus John’s smile faded when he heard this news.  He clearly didn’t want to lose a solid patient like me; his small business just couldn’t afford it.  I saw panic and desperation in his eyes, and just knew — this poor man would do anything to keep me coming back.

casinos with slots near san jose ca I knew that John didn’t like my wife.  Couldn’t stand her, in fact.  One time he even asked me half-jokingly why a nice guy like me was married to a witch like her.  But he had no other option right now but to suck up to her, and fight hard for the hefty checks my insurance company sent to him at the end of each and every month.

canada blackjack online He quickly regained his composure.  With a reassuring smile, he told my wife that a new massage therapist was to start at the clinic the following week.  He said that she was a nice young lady who recently completed studies in the field of Oriental Therapy and Massage.  “She has the hands of a magician that could heal a dying man,” he said.

software de casino online He put his hand on Janet’s shoulder.  “I promise you that Claudia will relieve most, or even all, of your husband’s symptoms in a very short time.  Just give her a chance.  She was referred to our clinic by a well-known healer.”  Janet seemed intrigued and told John to book her instead of Gladys for my next appointment.  I had a very good feeling about the new massage lady as well, and simply couldn’t wait to meet her.

slots casino game android When we showed up at the clinic on the day of the appointment, John offered my wife some green tea to sip on while she waited for me in a small waiting room by reception.  He then turned his full attention to me.  Asked me how I was feeling, and after a brief chit-chat, told me to follow him into the treatment area of the clinic.

what's the best online casino in australia A narrow doorway behind the reception desk led to a hallway that nested about a half dozen treatment rooms.  I was only familiar with the one closest to entrance which was where Gladys used to see me.  But John led me right passed it and deeper into the hallway, until we reached the very last door.

casino online bonus utan insättning “Go in there, my man, and get ready for your massage,” he said.  “Claudia will be with you shortly.”  He winked at me secretively which confused me a bit.  “And make sure you enjoy each and every minute of your special massage.”

play casino slots for free online I was quite surprised when I entered Claudia’s treatment room as the space just didn’t seem to fit the style of the clinic.  The room was nicely decorated and felt cozy.  There was a plant there, pictures on walls, and even a rug.  Lighting was minimal but sufficient.  The massage table was big and sturdy, and instead of a plain white sheet like Gladys had, there was a fluffy red blanket covering the table’s top.  There was a big pillow by the headrest which was something I never saw on Gladys’ massage table either.

online casino uk no deposit I took my clothes off, put them neatly on a nearby chair, and slid under the wonderfully soft blanket.  I was facing up, my head comfortably resting on the pillow.  I felt good and relaxed already.

online casino europa 25 euro startguthaben There was a quiet knock on the door.  “Ready?” a soft voice asked.

online casino win real money I answered that yes, I was ready, at which point a young woman entered the room.

casino slots google play Wow.  I was expecting Claudia to be a younger version of Gladys — plain looking, muscular, and all business-like.  But instead, I laid my eyes on just the most gorgeous brunette.  She looked like an actress from a porno I saw not long ago.  She had long eyelashes and big sensual lips.  It wasn’t hard to notice that she also had a pair of very large breasts.  They were so enormous, in fact, that the white overcoat she wore as her uniform, was stretched to its absolute max around her chest area.  A couple of  top buttons were left undone revealing her sexy cleavage.

“My name Claudia,” she said in broken English.  “You hurt and pain.  I here to make massage and pleasure.”

Yes baby, massage and pleasure, I thought in my head simply breath taken by Claudia’s beauty, unable to speak out loud for the time being.

Claudia didn’t waste any time.  She placed her hands on my shoulders, heavily leaned into me, and started to wonderfully rub around my neck area.  She was so close to me that I could smell her intoxicating perfume and feel her warm breath on my forehead.  Supported by the pillow and in a semi-vertical position, my head was perfectly aligned with her cleavage and I just couldn’t help but stare as her half-exposed breasts sensually jiggled with the rhythm of the massage.

Holy shit.  I suddenly realized that I was getting an erection.  There was no question about it, my penis was definitely getting larger and harder — usually a welcome wonder that I have not experienced since my car accident — or even longer than that.  But this was not the place or the time and I was terrified by this unexpected development.  Stop it!  I was mentally yelling at my dick.  Stop it right now!  But it didn’t listen.  My dick was hard as a rock.

Claudia would surely notice my erect penis in just a matter of minutes and I was starting to panic.  What will she do when she sees it?  Likely run out of the room and complain to John about me.  I decided the best thing would be to end the massage session immediately.

“Claudia, there is a little problem…”  I started to tell her but she didn’t let me finish.

“Shhh… we fix problem,” she whispered into my ear and then started suckling on its lobe in the most sensual way.  I was shocked.  In my wildest dreams, I would never expect for the events of this massage session to progress down this naughty path.  However — I did not mind it at all.

My dick was just enormous by now.  Still nibbling on my ear, Claudia found it with her hand and squeezed it gently through the blanket.  I briefly thought of my wife…slowly sipping on her green tea at this very moment and patiently waiting for me.  But it was too late.  There was nothing — no power in the whole world — that could take me away from Claudia right now.

She squeezed my dick a little bit harder.  “Here big tension and big problem,” she said.  “We fix.”  I was completely helpless.  All I could think in my suddenly sex craved brain was — fix it baby, fix it good.

Claudia pulled away from me now and stood up straight, facing me.  Her breasts seemed even larger now than they did before, and I could see her nipples trying to poke through the fabric of her white overcoat.  I closed my eyes and said a little prayer in my head asking God to, please, let me see Claudia’s breasts.

This was my lucky day, and I knew my prayers were about to be answered when Claudia begun to slowly unbutton her coat, one little button at a time.  When she was finally done, she slipped out of her coat and threw it on the floor.  Underneath she was practically naked.  All she had on was a lacy black bra and a skimpy G-string.  Her body was just unreal.  Absolutely gorgeous.

“You like?” she asked?

“I do Claudia, I like a lot.”

My hands reached for her breasts and popped them out of her bra cups.  Her nipples were unbelievable and just like I had hoped — hard and swollen with sexual excitement.  I brought them toward my face and started sucking on them, consistently alternating between the right nipple and the left.  Claudia threw her head back and moaned in pleasure.  “Suck them, Baby.  Suck good.”

I could hear the sound of my wife’s voice carry all the way here from the waiting room — she was talking to someone in her usual loud and bossy tone of voice — but that only made me suck on Claudia’s nipples even harder.  And the harder I sucked, the hornier I got.  There was no turning back.

It’s been a while since my wife and I last had sex.  All my post-accident symptoms made a practically impotent.  Until now.

I managed to stuff both of Claudia’s nipples inside of my mouth and passionately ran over them with my tongue — quickly licking back and forth from one to the other.  Claudia suddenly pulled away from me, making her nipples slide out of my mouth with a plop.  She had another activity on her mind as she started to slowly roll the blanket down my torso and gradually exposing my naked body.

When she finally got all the way down to my penis and noticed my enormous erection, she said: “Hello there Meester Big.”

I took a quick look and could not believe my massive hard-on.  My dick was large — and so stiff it stood up straight pointing toward the ceiling.  I couldn’t remember the last time my penis got to be this big.

“Sorry,” I quietly said to Claudia, extremely uncomfortable about the indecent state of my manhood.

“No need to embarrass.  That natural.”

This girl made me feel so good I wanted to cry.

She squirted some type of a massage oil all over my business and cupped my testicles with her right hand, her long fingernails sensually tickling the most intimate places of my crotch.  She gave it a little squeeze and started massaging my balls in the most heavenly way, her hand rolling up and down and all around my tender scrotum.  Her other hand was holding on to my penis, gently pushing it out of the way to allow her better access to my balls.

“Big tension there,” she said giving my balls a tighter squeeze.  “Too much semen inside.  We take out.”
“Yes, take it out, take it all out”, I was trying tell through heavy breathing.  I was moaning and groaning, the intense pleasure making my speach incoherent and illogical.  “I love you Claudia.  I love you so much.”

Claudia put her little finger on my lips.  “Shhh big boy…your wife no far.”
“Okay Baby, I’ll shut up.  I’ll do anything you say.  Just keep massaging my horny balls.”

Claudia had some interesting pleasure tricks up her sleeve.  This obviously wasn’t the first set of balls she ever massaged in her life.  Using the fingertips of both of her hands, Claudia gently grasped the skin of my scrotum and started to stretch it in many different directions.  I felt like I was in heaven.  But there was more to come after that.  Claudia formed little circles with the thumb and the index finger of each of her hands and ringed my balls.  She squeezed tight making them pop out of the rings.  She then slowly pulled them away from my scrotum allowing me the experience of the most pleasurable pain of my life.

“I think you ready for ejaculate,” she said.

“Yes Claudia.  I ready for ejaculate.”

Claudia fisted her hands and alternating them in a slow but a rhythmical manner, massaged my cock in an upward direction.  Starting at the base of my penis, she was sliding her tight fists up my enormous erection — finishing at the head of my penis with a little squeeze.  Repeat.  And repeat.  And repeat.

She then switched things up again.  While squeezing my balls with one hand, she was masturbating me with the other.  The pleasure derived from the combination of these stimuli was just unbelievable.  I could hear the unpleasant sound of my wife’s voice in the background once again.  She was telling John all about our broken air conditioner.

“Take off you bra Claudia.” I whispered.  Her breasts were already hanging out of her bra, but I wanted no visual obstruction whatsoever.

Claudia unhooked her bra and tossed it onto the floor.  I couldn’t take my eyes off her gorgeous breasts — so round and perky — and I knew that the end of my special massage treatment was almost there.

Claudia stood to the right of the massage table, at my mid-body, her body facing toward me, her bare breasts right there in front of me.  She reached for my penis with her right hand, and started the most divine masturbation of my penis, starting off gently and slowly, but in time picking up the speed and intensifying her squeeze.  Her breasts violently bounced from the impact of the hand job she was performing on me, and it was just the most spectacular sight to watch them go up and down as she jerked me off.

My eyes traveled back and forth from her bouncy tits to the tip of my cock — ready to explode with abundant amounts of backlogged cum at any second now.  Then, I glanced up at Claudia’s mouth and saw her tongue snake out of it, and lick her lips in the most provocative way.

And that’s when I started ejaculating.  The convulsions brought on by my orgasm were very powerful and the amount of semen spraying out of the eye of my penis was just unreal.  It all landed just north of my belly button.  The intense pleasure of my orgasm made me squeal but Claudia reacted quickly by bringing a towel to my mouth to muffle the sound.

“Shhh…no let your wife hear.”

When I was all done ejaculating, Claudia used a wet towel to clean me up.  She then disappeared behind the door without even saying good bye and that was it.  My massage session was over.

“So how was it, Honey,” my wife asked as soon as I emerged from behind the curtain.  “How are you “feeling?”

I couldn’t form a coherent sentence to answer her, still exhausted by the electrifying sexual release I experienced just minutes earlier.  But I quickly regained my composure.

“I feel great… wonderful!”  I told her excited.  “I haven’t felt this good in months.  This Oriental Technique is a true miracle, Baby.  My headache is completely gone and I feel no pain in my back whatsoever!”

And I wasn’t lying.  My pain was gone for real and I truly felt like a new born baby.

“Thank you, Honey, for taking charge and helping me find the way to heal.  I love you.”

I kissed Janet on the forehead and went over to see John about another appointment with Claudia.  He opened his appointment book and winked at me as he circled me in for next Tuesday.